How photos of my card making have changed.

Hello. Today I thought I would share how I photograph my cards.

As I posted a card on Instagram this morning it made me think about these change from how I photographed my work when I first started a year ago to where I am now.

I use my phone to take all my photos. It is a Samsung S6 edge.

This is where I was a year ago

I started by taking close up photos of my cards.Then I moved to photos of the whole card with a plain background.

Next I moved to slightly different coloured backgrounds using coloured papers before starting to add small props.

I use large 12×12 papers for the backing and use props such as houseplants and candles for standing card photos. For flat photos I use the papers and add props such as pens, ink cubes, invitation flowers and anything I find that matches my colour scheme.

The light in the UK is not great and I hope to one day invest in a good daylight lamp to help with the photo lighting and shadows, especially in the winter months. I currently take my work outside or next to the patio doors where a lot of light comes in.

I am really happy with my progress over the past year. I feel like my crafting is much improved and I am more confident in adding props to my photos. It’s by no means perfect but I can see how much it has changed and I hope to improve further in the future.

Have a great day.


Published by Crafty Lemur

UK based self taught crafter with a love of card making, cross stitch, art and design. Altenew Certified Educator. Follow me on instagram @craftylemur. Visit my YouTube channel Altenew affiliate link

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